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TORIN DEREK -- February 28, 2022

Give Me Your Love  (1).png

There seems to be a storyline developing in the mind of Soul artist, Terrie Rimson. Following her 2018 iTunes R&B Chart topping debut album, “Threads of Love,” Terrie Rimson closed out 2021 with a self-worth anthem simply titled, “It’s Not Worth It.” It told a story of a woman who finally understood her value and proclaimed that “a good time isn’t worth a broken heart.” The song instantly became a radio and fan favorite in parts of the United States, UK, France, Italy, and Canada. Now she returns to share more of the story in new single, “Give Me Love."

Terrie Rimson still believes in singing about the wonders of romance; but she also wants to showcase when that same love is wounded and on the verge of expiration. “Give Me Love” is a plea to fix an impaired relationship. The melody unfolds in the style of a heartfelt letter expressing the truest feelings we have in love. As you become mesmerized by the lyrics, you can feel the heart and soul of a woman poured into every line like the oil pressed from an olive. Though the storyline is intense and from the deepest part of the soul, its sound is reminiscent of Brandy’s original “Brokenhearted” from her debut album and Tank’s iconic “Sex, Love and Pain.” True to form, Terrie Rimson wraps her voice around the melody with her unique phrasing and delicate approach. “Give Me Love” along with 2021 single “It’s Not Worth It” gives us a different viewpoint of Terrie Rimson and creates a massive expectation of her sophomore album.

“GIVE ME LOVE” is currently available for Pre-Order on iTunes & OFFICIAL RELEASE AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE FRIDAY, MARCH 4th, 2022


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